About Opulent Pharma

Opulent Pharma is a Chemistry driven Research Organization specialised in key areas like synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry which offers Custom Synthesis & Chemical Development services of desired compounds from milligram to kg level.

Opulent Pharma provides cost effective and time bound synthesis support for Pharmaceutical Impurities, Reference Standards, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Specialty & Research Chemicals, Building Blocks, scaffolds & libraries with an aim to provide complete chemistry solutions to pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as to Academic Researchers to accelerate their research and development programs for discovery. In short, we are one stop solution for Chemical development.

Opulent Pharma since its inception in 2014 have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of certified impurity standards, due to our strong focus on quality, timely delivery and rising demands from clients for complex impurities, in a short span of time we can now offer more than 4000 Impurities from STOCK at very competitive prices.

Our expertise in the area has made us one of the most trusted companies in the industry. We are the forerunner in manufacturing complicated impurity standards and are proud to have synthesized some of the complex molecules, it was made possible by our highly qualified and experienced team in our synthetic laboratory with state of the art infrastructure and equipments which are designed for modern day chemistry requirements. Our synthetic facility includes R&D labs and kilo lab which are equipped to handle all kinds of reactions with latest technology.

Opulent pharma is run by Mr. Narayan Randeria along with a highly motivated, dedicated and hard working team of skilled scientists which have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in complex organic synthesis that are willing to accept the challenge of synthesizing your products. Our scientists are well trained to design and synthesize complex compounds using cutting edge technologies and methods with multi steps, ranging from milligrams to kilograms. The team is also armed with young and dynamic supporting team of management professionals and other competent technical staff looking after Sourcing, sales and marketing functions. Our strength lies within our team which works closely in commitment with our client to provide cost effective, high quality products & services within timelines which are crucial in giving our customers the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Opulent Pharma works on principals of prompt, ethical service coupled with integrity, Competence, dedication and reliability. Complete transparency in dealing has earned the company goodwill in international markets.

We are proud to be a recognized symbol globally and look forward to achieve greater heights and entering new areas to serve our clients and partners.